Fast Checkout

Beautiful, Cross-platform payment form
Embedded in your site. No annoying redirects
throughout the transaction

Simple Pricing

Our simple and transparent pricing scheme
is logical easy to read. No further hidden fee
is charged except for those already observed.
Bulk discounts offered on larger volumes.

Fast Onboarding

No need to run through the hasseles of opening a
new bank account or visiting our agency. Super-fast
unloading and completely online process so that you
can start accepting payments in your existing
bank account itself.

24/7 Support

We provide best in class support to ascertain
all your questions are answered timely. Not
all issues solved in a day are automatically
escalated to inform higher support staff

High Conversion Rates

Our unique technology guarantees that you
convert every transaction attempt to present
the best transaction experience to your nodes
and avoid loss of revenues due to
transaction errors

Powerful API

Rich, clean, developer-friendly APIs that allow you concentrate on building great products without worrying about integration. The restful API provides a programmatic interface for doing all sorts os activities. You may also fetch or refund previous transactions by simply calling the API endpoints with the needed parameters.

Different Payment Options

Accompaniment for all major credit cards and debit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, Rupay, Diner's club credit cards and debit cards.

Cloud Backups

Fully cloud hosted solution with automated backup to ensure the protection and unity of customer information.

Robust Security

Industry standard security and compliance alongside easy & development-friendly integration. 100% PCI DSS Complaint solution which takes away your burden of conformity.