We're a team of creative thinkers, Designers, Engineers and
Software Developers. And we're bringing simplicity,
security and intelligence to every day things.

Go ahead. Look in your wallet. Credit cards. Gift cards. Debit cards. Reward Cards
They're all based on magnetic stripe technology.
We've created just one card to rule them all. And we're just started to roll.

We're the new dawn of payments. And beyond.

We set out to change the industry – to improve every kind of transaction.
To create new technology that makes everything work together better.

New technology that works with existing point-of-sale terminals.
Technology that helps protect consumers, merchants and banks from fraud.
And bottom line, technology that helps everyone make smarter decisions every day.

Wallet and Card

The all new chikoopay wallet mobile app allows you to make payments on the go at the touch of a button. At the same time keeps you connected constantly with your chikoopay card.

Welcome to the Future !